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Stanford: Public Accountability for Thee, But Not for me


Stanford Law School debate has moved beyond the question of whether these students should be punished for their behavior. They won’t, the school has stated.

We now debate the appropriateness of conservative students who were on the receiving end if the vitriol they used to express their dissatisfaction with the school and their classmates in the media.

Stanford administrators believe this PR nightmare will end if everyone, including Federalist Society students who were targeted by the activists, shuts up and takes it on the chin.

Administration aims to manage the operation as an abusive parent would. Don’t tell anyone about how you got that bump!

Perhaps most outrageous is an email sent Tuesday from Federalist Society faculty adviser Michael McConnell—the lone conservative on the Stanford Law School faculty—to the student group’s members urging them, in their interactions with the press, “not to speak out of anger and not to exacerbate the already tense situation.”

“Many media workers would love nothing more than…

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