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After a pair of suspected smuggling vessels capsizes, at least 8 migrants drown; number of survivors unknown


According to the Times of San Diego, at least eight adult migrants drowned when two boats suspected of being smuggling vessels capsized off Black’s Beach, San Diego, California.

According to Lifeguard Chief James Gartland, San Diego Fire Department, “This is one the most horrific maritime smuggling tragedies I can think of in California”

Gartland said, “We did everything we could to save people from the waters.”

Officials learned of the incident when a woman aboard one of the boats dialed 911 to request help. According to her, the boat she was on had reached shore. However, the other vessel had capsized, leaving everyone in the water.

She provided the exact location of the boats, which were located near Black’s Beach in San Diego’s Torrey Pines neighbourhood. She stated that the two vessels could carry 15 people. The Times reported that officials believe up to 15 people were aboard the second boat.

KGTV reported that responders found two boats in distress, life jackets and fuel barrels at the scene.

According to the LA Times Garland stated that he had never met survivors. He said that he didn’t know if there were survivors who had survived the…

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