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Apple Sued by 2 Women Who Claim Exes Used ‘Dangerous’ AirTags to Stalk Them


Apple has been sued by two women who claim the company’s AirTag devices were used by their ex-partners to stalk them.
The class action lawsuit (pdf) was filed in federal court in San Francisco on Monday on behalf of the two women, identified as Lauren Hughes and “Jane Doe,” from Texas and New York, respectively.
Plaintiffs state that while Apple has “built safeguards” into its AirTag devices, they are “woefully inadequate, and do little, if anything, to promptly warn individuals if they are being tracked.”The Real Reason Behind Peru’s Political Crisis

/> Hughes claims in the lawsuit that she began being stalked by her former partner in late August 2021, following the breakup of a three-month relationship. Hughes alleges that she opted to move residence to avoid her ex but that he later learned where she had moved to after placing an AirTag in the well of the rear passenger tire of her car….

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