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AOC tries lecturing Elon Musk. He tells him to get off his phone. Musk responds with a three-word answer to her.


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., accused Elon Musk (proto-fascism) on Thursday. Musk had suspended Twitter journalists after they shared private information about his plane travels.

What’s the background?

Musk upset Democrats and the media when Twitter suspended several journalists who shared private information about Musk’s plane travels. They were suspended for “doxxing.” Musk was the problem legally masks his plane data Musk is concerned about his safety and wants everyone to not share Musk’s location movements. are, by definition, guilty of “doxxing.”

Musk: “The same doxxing rules apply for ‘journalists” as to all others.” said. “They posted me exact real-time position, basically assassination coordinates in (obviously) direct violation to Twitter terms of service.”

What did AOC say about this?

Musk was told by the New York Democrat that he had to stop using his power over the social media platform he owns.

“You’re a public figure. Ocasio Cortez stated that Ocasio Cortez is a powerful and controversial figure. “I feel unsafe but I don’t like the idea of abusing power or banning journalists. It only makes me feel more anxious.”

“Take a break and forget about proto-fascism. Perhaps you should…

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