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ANALYSIS: We Desire a General and Whole Shutdown of Wealthy White Liberals Having Youngsters


What do we would like? A complete and entire shutdown of wealthy white liberals having youngsters till we will be able to work out what the hell is happening.

When do we would like it? Now.

Why do we would like it? To offer protection to our fellow American citizens from violence by the hands of spoiled youths corrupted by way of extremist ideology.

As an example: Linwood Kaine, the grownup son of Sen. Tim Kaine (D., Va.), was once arrested in Would possibly 2017—not up to a yr after his father misplaced the presidential election as Hillary Clinton’s working mate—for disrupting a pro-Trump rally in Minnesota by way of lights fireworks within the state Capitol.

Background: Riley Dowell, the 23-year-old “nonbinary” daughter/son of Rep. Katherine Clark (D., Mass.), was once arrested in Boston over the weekend for allegedly assaulting a police officer and vandalizing public belongings by way of spray-painting “ACAB” (All Law enforcement officials Are Bastards) on a ancient landmark.

(Context: Clark, who has expressed make stronger for the debatable “defund the police” motion, is the second-highest score Democrat within the Space of Representatives. She described her kid’s alleged home terrorism as “an overly tricky time within the cycle of pleasure and ache in parenting.”)

The main Democrat’s wayward offspring was once arrested at the…

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