All the Good Early Black Friday Deals Available Right Now


    All the Good Early Black Friday Deals Available Right Now

    Poco F3 5G for £249 (£80 off)

    Over the last few years, good phones have gotten cheaper and this trend has shown no signs of slowing down. The Poco F3 5G falls firmly into this bracket and is so good that—frankly—it’s taking the mick a bit. This £249 phone gives you a 6.67in 120Hz AMOLED display, speedy Snapdragon 870 performance and decent battery life via 4520mAh. Budget Android phones don’t get much better than this.

    AlphaSync Diamond Gaming Desktop PC for £1,150 (£250 off)

    Finding the right gaming desktop can be a tough task and the price of components can rise pretty quickly and, if you aren’t a PC building fiend who knows all the right moves to make to get the most out of each part, it can be a bit daunting. This AlphaSync prebuild comes with one of the newer Nvidia graphics cards, the RTX 3060Ti, alongside a top-end AMD Ryzen 7 processor. At just over a grand, you can expect glorious 1080p graphics from this machine or mid-tier delights if you’re looking to go up to a 1440p resolution.

    Apple iPad Mini 2021 for £459 (£20 off)

    Apple’s smallest tablet has been in a funny position for a few years. Too small to do much more than browse Insta and too expensive to not warrant just bagging the new iPad Air or saving on the regular iPad. For 2021, Apple hoped to solve it by glamming up the mini, giving it the home-buttonless looks of the Air and the Pro, it’s still diddy and expensive but a bigger screen greatly adds to the diddy dynamos appeal. Especially with a cheeky £20 off.

    Shark Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner for £149 (£110 off)

    From robot vacuums to flashy hybrid handheld options, there’s almost too much choice for cleaning up your mess these days. For those who long for the likes of a good ol’ Henry hoover, there are cheap options like this Shark. Despite its low price and simple design, it still brings modern benefits like a bagless design and some pet hair-defeating attachments. And, unlike Henry, it isn’t an eyesore.

    MSI Vigor GK50 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for £76 (£14 off)

    A regular ol’ keyboard just won’t do if you’re an avid gamer and the fiercest of competitors won’t settle for less than a mechanical option. This MSI fits the bill at a reasonable price. You get low-profile, tactile switches presented in a floating key design and, yes, there’s per-key RGB for keeping your setup lively and in line with your other gadgets.

    When is Black Friday?

    The big day itself always falls on the last Friday of November each year. In 2021, that’s November 26. But, if you’ve been scouring for deals around this time over the last few years, you know it often extends far beyond this.

    Like last year, the year before and so on, you can expect deals to begin ramping up at the beginning of the week Black Friday, that’s from the 22nd. And, as you can see from this list, some deals typically start rolling in during the first week of November. So, you can get hunting for deals now but bear in mind that many of the very best bargains are often saved for Black Friday itself.

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