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It’s December 5th, 2020, and a small anti-lockdown protest is underway outside the home of Sheila Kuehl, LA’s County Supervisor. There are restaurant owners, anti-lockdown activists, California Republicans … and Dave Rubin. He has brown hair, Ray-Bans on his nose and a small cut to his forehead. Rubin is talking live on Periscope. “These are good people,” he announces. “Good people trying to live their lives. Understand who the good guys are right now.” This tiny gathering, he assures us, is the beginning of a change in California—a “fight” to take back the state and the country. Rubin had made a similar point a few months earlier about the “absolutely massive” Trump rally he attended in Beverly Hills (“happy people … I mean everything that is great about America really was there”).

As of this writing, the host of YouTube’s The Rubin Report It has 1.3 million Twitter followers Rubin has over 1.79 million YouTube subscribers which have helped him to be one of the most influential people on the American Right. But amid a field of frauds, clones, and wannabes, Rubin’s path to political…

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