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Adorable Dog Has Hilarious Reactions to the Food That She Really Likes


An adorable dog has taken the internet by storm for her unique reactions to trying different treats.

Kora, a 2-year-old pup who lives in North Carolina with her owner, Alyson, has taste-tested steak, tuna, mango, cheese tortellini, and many more treats.

The Great Pyrenees pup, who has a massive following of over 448,000 on TikTok, expresses her fondness for the food she likes with foamy lip smacks and chomping.

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Some of the treats that have been well received by Kora include Gouda cheese, mango, and more.

Although the pup has made millions of people around the world smile with her hilarious reactions, she didn’t really have a great start in life.

According to Newsflare, Kora was only a few months old when she was surrendered to the clinic where Alyson, 29, works as an emergency veterinarian. The pup had been hit by a truck during her life as a working dog. As a result, she suffered a fractured left femur.

“Kora had a long recovery and months of kennel rest followed by physical therapy,” Alyson said. “She has always been a very sweet-tempered dog, but really came out of her shell at 6 to 8 months old.”

During her healing process, Kora—who was adopted by Alyson—accompanied her to work each day and grew fond of her workmates.

Since getting a second chance at life, Kora is currently living her best life alongside two other furry companions.

As to her rise to becoming a taster, Alyson recalled: “I remember the very first moment she started chattering after tasting food and you can hear us outbursting with laughter in the background.”

The vet revealed that Kora’s behavior really caught them off guard.

Just like any professional taster, Kora first takes a few seconds to analyze the taste by doing her trademark chomping and then gives her final opinion of it.

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One of Kora’s most popular videos is of her tasting canned tuna. The video has amassed almost 1.2 million views and received some 5,000 reactions, with netizens sharing that she reminds them of popular chef Gordan Ramsay and ice-cream taste-tester John Harrison.

“She was a chef in her past life,” one netizen said. Another added, “Takes her tasting job very seriously.”

According to Alyson, Kora has come to understand when she is about to be recorded and thus gets excited and goes into position as soon as the camera phone is pointed at her.

It isn’t unusual for a dog like Kora to enjoy her treats. As per PetMD, a pet health website for pet owners and vets, dogs have taste buds that provide them with the ability to taste different kinds of foods. Unlike humans, who have 9,000 taste buds, dogs have only 1,700 taste buds.

It is known that dogs tend to develop their ability to taste within the first few weeks of their life and it is one of the senses that develops even before seeing and hearing.

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Despite allowing Kora to try a varied amount of treats, Alyson warned others to make sure that what they’re feeding their dogs is safe.

“We try to not give our pets too many treats and [are] also mindful of pets who have known sensitivities,” she said. “As an emergency veterinarian, I see dogs develop obesity and pancreatitis/gastroenteritis from human food consumption.”

She also suggested that dog owners shouldn’t feed their canines common ingredients such as onions, garlic, avocado, and chocolate.

Watch Kora Trying a Treat:

(Video Credit: Newsflare)

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