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Adam Schiff still babbling about climate change, history will end and stuff – twitchy.com


If you haven’t heard enough about climate change and the impending end of humanity, Adam Schiff has got you covered. Once, again, Representative Schiff would like you to know that your failure to get in line could potentially be reflected poorly in the history books. If there even ARE history books.  Wait, what?

Unless you immediately destroy your SUV and turn additional funds over to the government, you will be personally responsible for ruining the planet. But not really, because no one will be there to acknowledge your heinous misstep, as Schiff has pointed out. Fortunately, history is a long-time in the making and it is constantly re-written.

Good thing there are people who keep receipts. Humanity has been threatened with climate induced demise for ages.

Schiff’s lackeys are full of action steps that can keep you out of the spotlight of public shame though, should anyone survive the climapocalypse.

The Left would also like to remind you that up to and until the demise of human existence, there will always be something to panic about.

You know, not that the fear porn is hard to take seriously, but can we prioritize?

So we are going to hear about the climate ending tomorrow every other day. While waiting for the end of human existence as we know it due to the heating (or cooling) of the Earth, please do continue to turn up the heat on the purveyors of panic.


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