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Abortion Extremism: Liz Warren Signals the Left’s Total War Aims


Abortion Extremism: Liz Warren Signals the Left’s Total War Aims
Selwyn Duke

There was a time, not really all that long ago, when leftists still claimed they wanted abortion “safe, legal — and rare.” Now they’re raring to go and destroy unborn human life and, in particular, those who help it enter and flourish in this world.

A prime example is Senator Elizabeth Warren’s fevered attack on crisis pregnancy centers in which she accused them of “torturing” women and demanded they be “shut down” nationwide. She said this, mind you, about facilities that do the good works of helping mothers who want to keep their babies deliver them safely and negotiate post-birth maternal life.

We’ve seen this phenomenon before. There was a time when, Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal, people appreciated the (pre-moral-collapse) Boy Scouts’ mission of helping mold lads into virtuous men. But then the Left left sanity and Americanism and the BSA became an enemy, with Democrats actually booing scouts who appeared at the 2000 Democratic National Convention. Liberals’ anti-Scout ire and attacks wouldn’t rest, either — until BSA leadership agreed to descend into a moral slumber and let the pods take over their souls.

Crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) have an even more sacred task and certainly would be treasured by anyone desiring abortion’s rarity. Yet ever since Roe v. Wade’s long overdue demise, these facilities have been targeted with vandalism and arson — and serpent-like tongues. This is especially damnable considering what they do. Fox News recently investigated this and told their stories. Here’s a representative example the outlet presents:

Shannon Bagly Busby, director of the Center for Pregnancy Choices (CPC) of Vicksburg, Mississippi, told Fox News Digital that their care for expectant mothers is different from pro-abortion clinics like Planned Parenthood because they provide for their patients beyond the “initial desire for the walk in the door.”

“So they come to us wanting one thing, but they get all of these other services that are offered to them,” Busby said. “They can have sonograms, they have baby boutiques, earn where you learn, that goes anywhere from teaching them about the first trimester to money management.”

“They get a partnership with us. They get a place that they can actually come to and after time after time, year after year after year, and we are able to help them and pretty much a lot of their areas,” she continued.

This cuts no ice with Senator Warren (D-Mass.). Despite these good works, she, stricken with hysterical pro-prenatal-infanticide panic, has responded to Roe’s demise “by demanding that pregnancy help centers be ‘shut down’ across the country,” wrote the Washington Examiner Sunday. “The senator made outlandish claims that centers ‘fool’ and ‘torture’ women into carrying their pregnancies to term as they seek abortion access. She lamented that such centers outnumber abortion clinics in Massachusetts by 3 to 1.”

Talk about tipping your hand — and fomenting violence. If Planned Parenthood centers had been vandalized and burned across the country as CPCs have been, and a Republican politician responded by inveighing against them, telling anger-stoking lies about them, and saying they should be shut down, how thoroughly would he be condemned as a terrorism enabler? He might even be called an insurrectionist.

Yet the common leftist posture Warren exhibits also reflects something. The world condemned Russia, and rightly so, when it launched a missile that hit (perhaps accidentally) a Ukrainian hospital. And we strenuously try to avoid civilian causalities when we wage war and, in particular, wouldn’t want to strike a civilian healthcare facility. For were a power to target such places, the message would be that the goal was scorched-earth, no-holds-barred warfare and, perhaps, more: extermination.

This is the message sent, quite clearly, by the Left’s vicious, Warren-esque verbal attacks (and physical ones) on CPCs. They are intentional, metaphorical culture-war bombings of healthcare facilities. They are, within the culture-war context, war crimes. They target the least and most vulnerable among us, often desperate, usually single mothers and their babies. Calling it contemptible is understatement.

It also appears to hint that the goal is extermination of every last vestige of the traditionalist spirit, if not traditionalists themselves. It’s not enough anymore for the Left to try to convince people that legal prenatal infanticide is an imperative; they now also want to eliminate anyone who through his actions creates an environment in which it appears not a necessity.

It’s the same spirit compelling the Left to target bakers who won’t be party to same-sex “weddings,” children who won’t use classmates’ “preferred pronouns,” and parents who won’t accept their child’s illusory “gender transition.” It’s a hatred that has been, in fact, expressed quite explicitly, such as when ex-CNN host Reza Aslan called Trump supporters an “evil, racist scourge” who must be “eradicated.”

The bottom line is that when you’re complaining about women being “fooled” into not killing their babies, you maybe, just perhaps, should wonder whether you’re on the right side.

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