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Theological Conflict

A Theological Conflict

Exclusive interview with Michael Knowles about transgenderism.

<Gage Skidmore/G/Wikimedia Commons)

Michael Knowles made headlines at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference when he argued that transgender ideology should be “eradicated from public life.” Knowles’s critics, of course, accused him of advocating genocide, and when he debated libertarian pundit Brad Polumbo at the University of Pittsburgh on transgenderism earlier this month, protestors burned his effigy in the street. Knowles draws the ire of transgender activists precisely because he frames their argument correctly: Either men can become women, or they can’t. If they can’t, that’s just as true for adults as it is for children.

I spoke to Knowles, a friend and fellow Catholic, about the roots of transgender ideology, the state’s role in combatting it, and the religious dimensions of the sex and gender debate. Our conversation was edited to ensure clarity and length.

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