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What is a Separate Peace?


What is a Separate Peace?

Both the Red Dragon’s confrontation and accommodation have failed. Is there another way?

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A U.S. F-22 shot down a Chinese balloon over the Atlantic coast, bringing to a close the national drama that for days attended the vehicle’s drift across American airspace. Then comes the mutual recriminations. Republicans blame Team Biden for not responding quickly enough while Democrats claim that three of these intrusions were left unnoticed during the Trump administration. There were many other reactions to the episode. hilarious memes, not to mention Cold War nostalgia.

What we likely won’t get is a statesman-like debate over the shape of U.S. China policy. That’s because we lack statesmen of the caliber of an Eisenhower or Nixon, and there are few foreignpolicy intellectuals to match the likes of George Kennan and Henry Kissinger. Instead, U.S. policy is formulated by a “blob” with a terrible record and no accountability.

What are you waiting for? Should What does the U.S. China Policy look like at a particular time?

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