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The Mixture of Shame and Pride

The Mixture of Shame and Pride

My wife and I were waiting for a flight in Germany at Heathrow, back in December 2017. Before I left for the gate, I checked my email just one more time. My attention sharpened when I saw a message in my inbox from the University of Oxford’s Public Affairs Directorate. What I found was a notification that my “Ethics and Empire” project, organized under the auspices of Oxford’s McDonald Centre for Theology, Ethics & Public Life, had become the target of an online denunciation by a group of students; followed by reassurance from the university that it had risen to defend my right to run such a thing.

So began a weeks-long public row that raged over the project, which had “gathered colleagues from Classics, Oriental Studies, History, Political Thought, and Theology in a series of annual workshops to measure apologias and critiques of empire against historical data from antiquity to modernity across the globe.” Four days after I flew, the eminent imperial historian who had conceived the project with me abruptly resigned. In a matter of a few days, after the initial online denigration, two more appeared, this one manned by professionals, the other by students. The Ratcatcher Reprise

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