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German Realism at its Best

German Realism at its Best

German Realism at its Best

Netflix’s adaptation of All Quiet at the Western Front It is a reminder that no person can win a great power conflict.

“This is not how I expected it to be,” cries a shivering 17-year-old on his first experience of trench warfare on his first day in the front. The adaptation of “The German Entry to the Oscars” is the new entry. All Quiet at the Western Front This masterpiece of German realism is now available on Netflix. 

Erich Maria Remarque’s 1929 book is a classic about the futility of a great power war, so much so that it got banned by the Nazis. The movie stays remarkably close to the original’s sentiment. Both the book as well as the movie begin in the beginning of the Great War. It was the last feudal conflict where honor and civility still existed. A group of 17-year old schoolboys cheer on their Prussian history teacher, who accuses them of defending Kaiser, God and fatherland. Then they set off for a man-made horror that is far beyond their dimwitted comprehension. 

The story centers on a boy called Paul Baumer, who is a university aspirant.

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