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A 5-year-old girl saved her younger brothers’ lives by helping them survive for two days alone after their parents died in a car accident in Australia.


After their parents were killed in a car accident, their five-year-old sister helped their younger brothers survive for two days.

Their Land Rover Discovery Discovery was being driven by the family of five in the western region of the country near Perth when it veered off the road, and then flipped over. Cindy Braddock, 25, died, and Jake Day, 28 perished in this accident.

A relative stated that the girl had helped her brothers, who were 1 and 2, survive the crash.

“If it weren’t for Day’s 5-year-old undoing his 1-year-old car seat buckle, he wouldn’t be here today,” Day’s cousin Michael Read told CNN affiliate Nine News. “She won’t probably know for a few more years.”

Two days later, the family went to search for the children. The family had been expecting them at Christmas Day but they never arrived.

After being dehydrated in the heat, the children were flown helicopter to Perth Children’s Hospital. After several days, they are expected to be released.

Although law enforcement officials hadn’t yet determined the cause of the crash, a gas station attendant said to ABC News that he witnessed the family stopping at gas stations to…

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