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2022 Men of Year: Iranian HABS


Men don’t get the credit that they deserve. If they did, then the Washington Free Beacon It wouldn’t just be the first publication in this once-great land to recognize male achievement each year. We are the only ones who live by our principles.

The 2019 edition of the Free Beacon It was the only media outlet that honored the husbands and boyfriends of U.S. female soccer players (HABs), who, along with the then-president Donald Trump, played a critical role in the team’s World Cup win.

We are proud this year to recognize a group whose courage was displayed in the face of tyranny by our media elites. Much like President Joe Biden continues not to acknowledge the existence of Hunter Biden’s love child with a “Dallas” stripper, we are proud to recognize them. This 2022 Washington Free Beacon The Man of the Year Award goes to the unnamed husbands and boyfriends in Iran for female protestors.

The New York Times These protests began in September and were “led by females.” The Washington Post They were even called “women driven,” which may have been a cruel joke about women driving. The media attention has been almost entirely focused on the protesters, mostly females who took off their hijabs to defy the Is-lameic…

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