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2022 Man Of The Year: B-21 Raider


It’s possible that you are hearing negative things about America’s Armed Forces in today’s awake world.

U.S. leaders give Americans many reasons to be pessimistic about America’s military power, whether they are telling commanders not to use gender pronouns, making special forces more accessible to women, or using critical-race theory to train future officers.

This is why we at the Washington Free Beacon We are pleased to report that America can still kick communists even in 2022. The U.S. Air Force demonstrated this in December when it revealed its latest bomber, B-21, to the public.

The B-21, nicknamed the “Raider”, was the first American-made bomber to be released after 1988. Many things have changed since George Michael’s Faith hit the Billboard Hot 100. First, the music we listen has gotten worse. More importantly, our bombers are virtually invisible to enemy radar. It is also capable of carrying nuclear weapons and will be eventually upgraded to fit weapons not yet in existence. This puts evil bastards on alert from Beijing to Moscow.

Don’t believe our claims? The flagship propaganda paper of the Chinese Communist Party, the Global TimesIt only had…

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