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2022 Man Of The Year: Sam Folsom


2022 was not a kind year for the reputation of America’s oldest generations. Time and again, we saw this country’s elderly denizens cling to positions of power, sacrificing not just their own dignity but that of our institutions in the process. Take for example the 89-year-old senior senator from California, who has forgotten her longtime colleagues’ names. Our 80-year-old president refuses to acknowledge that one of his grandkids exists, instead of spending time with them.

At a time when Americans are in need of a positive example from this country’s seniors, they should look no further than Samuel Folsom. Folsom, who had a long and distinguished career of bravery, sacrifice, service, and obedience to his country, passed away last month in Los Angeles at the age of 102.

Folsom, of Peabody, Mass., was a U.S. Marine fresh out of flight school in 1941 when he was thrust into World War II following Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor. Folsom, 22, and his 40-pilot squadron faced off against the Japanese Air Force’s technologically superior Zeroes. Folsom had never flown above 5000 feet and had fired his Grumman F4F Wildcat guns only once

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