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14-year-old charged as adult in alleged fatal shooting of 'good Samaritan' 17-year-old who offered him a ride home out of the cold


Michigan’s 14-year-old has been charged as an adult in connection to the suspected murder of a seventeen-year-old.

Jack Snyder was on his way home from Battle Creek’s girlfriend’s party when he saw two teenage girls walking outside. Snyder apparently offered the two teens a ride because it was cold outside.

The two teens – ages 13 and 14 – got inside Snyder’s car and then attempted to carjack him, according to police. Snyder – a member of the National Honor Society who played varsity soccer – reportedly resisted, and he was shot twice.

According to the Battle Creek Police Department, a 14-year old was arrested on Friday.

“As part of today’s investigation and efforts, detectives recovered a gun they suspect was involved in the murder,” police said. “Confirmation of this remains pending forensic analyses.”

The 13-year old surrendered to police on Sunday.

WZZM reported: “The suspect aged thirteen was charged with murder, homicide, and carjacking.”

On Friday, the Calhoun County Prosecutor’s Office charged 14-year-old Justice Chimner as an adult. Chimmer was accused of felony murder and carjacking as well as two weapons-related violations. He…

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