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Police have arrested his father after a 13-year old was struck and killed by a motorcycle traveling 100 mph in an illegal street race.


Police allege that a father brought his son, 13 years old, to an illegal street racing event. The driver of a motorcycle was speeding more than 100 mph and struck him and then killed him.

The incident occurred in St. Petersburg, Florida on Jan. 28 at 12:35 AM.

Police in St. Petersburg said Johnny Julio Martin, 35 years old, brought his son Ethan Martin to the race. But Ethan stepped on the street and was struck with the motorcycle.

Ethan died, while the driver of his motorcycle was hurt. He was transported to the hospital, where he remained in critical but stable condition.

According to police, another spectator was also injured in the collision. He was taken to hospital and later admitted in stable condition.

The father was arrested by police on Wednesday. He was charged with child neglect leading to death. He was also charged with being a spectator during the illegal car racing.

Francis Simpson, the mother of this boy, claimed she had custody with her father and didn’t know he was taking him to an illegal street race.

St. Petersburg said, “We take these matters very seriously when it comes to charging a parent because of something that happened as the result of their actions.”

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